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Concierge by Foodbuy
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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We Guarantee that your savings not only meet but potentially exceed the "Guaranteed Savings Rate" established prior to contract by giving back to you, our Client, any savings that are over and above the GSR.

That's right – even with associated costs involved in moving to a new procurement program and possible product changes - we are so sure you will realize substantial program savings that for the typically toughest year – the first year – we support our relationship with a contractual Guarantee (GSR).

How is the Guaranteed Savings Rate established?

A Market Analysis is performed at the onset to determine the baseline from which your savings is determined. The Market Analysis is also used to determine your GSR. This requires agreement from both parties.

How are potential GSR savings paid?

Qualifying members are paid in the form of a true up cash payment following the end of the first year's contract term if the savings generated are less than the GSR established at inception of the program.

* Guarantees are subject to validated savings analysis agreed upon by Concierge and Client

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